Roy Stansbury

Roy Stansbury, Managing Director, Air Quality Plan

Roy established AQP in 2013 after identifying the need for specialist advice related to BREEAM’s Hea02: Indoor Air Quality.

Roy has worked in the IAQ field since 1987, so has a wealth of expert knowledge. In 1994, he established Building Monitoring Services Ltd (BMS) which specialises in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring as well as Legionella control.  This extends to carrying out air quality measurements in all manner of building types, both proactively and reacting to occupant complaints. He has overseen and reviewed the sampling and analysis of many thousands of IAQ test results.

In 2012, he became a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association, an internationally recognised group of IAQ experts.

In 2015 Roy and his team at AQP became aware that not many BREEAM projects were targeting the credits available for IAQ. This led to the development of Hea02 Made Easy, which is a 30-minute presentation/webinar to help designers and project managers more easily attain the IAQ credits available.

Roy is also well versed in the IAQ aspects of LEED and the WELL Standard.