James Stawniczy

James Stawniczy, Senior Health & Wellbeing Consultant, HOK

James brings more than 22 years of sustainability experience in development, design, research, teaching and green building certification. As a Senior Health & Wellbeing Consultant, he oversees health & wellbeing implementation, research, and education across HOK.  With a focus on the WELL rating system, James has spent the past two years implementing, planning and delivering projects with health & wellbeing as core to their design.  His project experience includes Lendlease portfolio of US offices and various urban regeneration development projects.  James’ capabilities include:  The WELL rating system, LEED & Sustainable design, Architecture and Construction.    James is a recognized national leader in green building and sustainable design, and speaks and participates on numerous panels on these topics. James is also on the faculty of NYU’s Shack Real Estate School, where she teaches classes on Construction Documents and LEED/Sustainable Design.