Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts is Chairman of the Cardiff Business Council, which aims to drive improvement in the economy of the city and the wider region by creating the infrastructure necessary to deliver job opportunities. It is achieving this by delivering digital city targets and building on that infrastructure through a new economic strategy and working with partners to encourage a total of £1bn investment in development and infrastructure projects. Cardiff is already one of the UK’s most digitally connected cities with over 92% of premises in the city accessing superfast broadband and a £7m Super Connected Cities investment will deliver citywide 1GB coverage of for businesses as standard.

Nigel is managing director of Paramount, one of the UK's leading office design and interiors companies with offices in London and in Cardiff.A native of the Welsh capital, Nigel has extensive boardroom and leadership experience, including 4 years as a board member of the Cardiff Chamber, six years on the board of Cardiff Met and Vice President of Glamorgan Cricket.