Ed Parham

Ed Parham is an Associated Director at Space Syntax, which provides strategic, evidence-based consulting services in economics, planning, design, transport and property development.Space Syntax forecasts the effects of planning and design decisions on the movement and interaction of people in buildings and urban areas.

During his time at Space Syntax, Ed has worked on a wide range of projects with a geographical focus on China and the Middle East. Recently, Ed has contributed to a number of projects in China, where the pressures of rapid urbanisation must be balanced against the need to create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development.

Since 2007 he has lead work to regenerate over 50 Unplanned Settlements in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The project has developed an innovative approach to improvement which tackles the problems of traditional approaches which include in-situ upgrading and large-scale redevelopment.By focussing improvements on the key areas which will benefit the most people, it is possible to minimise disruption and optimise investment, while making the changes necessary for long term improvement, and providing flexibility to respond to changing economic, social and political conditions.

Presentation overview
Ed Parham will present Space Syntax’s work on an Integrated Urban Model. This model supports strategic thinking by combining urban characteristics including land use, population, employment, and public transport with the spatial network. By treating space as the fundamental link between urban systems it becomes a core urban infrastructure, allowing the approach to be applied across many scales. Projects in the UK and Saudi Arabia will be used to show how modelling has supported the design process, from analysis of existing conditions to impact testing and scenario benchmarking. While these two projects focus on different scales, they share the aim of integrating population growth with existing and future spatial infrastructure.