Gavin Jones

Gavin Jones is a Product Development Manager at BRE, responsible for developing security & resilience services that will be available to support governments and organisations globally. He is a Chartered Engineer, specialising in risk management within the built environment.

He has a passion for developing new ideas that will enhance the safety, security and resilience of our built environment, whether that be the communities in which we live and work, the places we visit and use for recreation and leisure, or the infrastructure that supports our modern lives.

Before joining BRE in March 2014, Gavin had worked in the Middle East for for years, where he led the development of protective security and community safety initiatives in the United Arab Emirates and project managed the delivery of new legislation and guidance that contributes to the delivery of safe & secure communities as part of the Abu Dhabi Government Plan 2030.

Presentation overview
The presentation discusses the importance of building resilient urban systems. It explores the resilience challenge, both in terms of the threats to our urban infrastructure and the difficulty in delivering better performance and outcomes. The presenter considers the role of physical infrastructure, what incentives there are to ‘do better’ and what tools might be used to demonstrate value for money and a return on investment.