Rob Shaw

Rob, Director of Sustainability and Climate Change, gets fired up by how places and societies are being shaped by the big global drivers of change. He has a vision for how climate change, decentralised energy and communication technologies are combining to fundamentally affect the way we use land, deliver infrastructure and generate growth. He has become convinced that the next few decades will be a bumpy but an incredibly exciting time for societies.

Rob works with public, private and community sectors to help them understand the spatial and organisational implications of change. Rob has also led some of the largest and most challenging renewable energy projects across the UK on behalf of many of the most successful developers.

He played a key role in developing early Government policy for supporting renewable energy and climate change action and is currently working with clients who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a subsidy free transition to a low carbon economy.

Presentation overview
Cities are at the heart of a process of immense change, driven by factors that will require a fundamental restructuring of land, places and infrastructure. Already the gaps between cities that get this and those that don’t is becoming evident. Creativity is needed to develop successful investment spaces based on infrastructure that better meets the challenges of our time. Investment will not come solely from traditional sources and we will need to act like enlightened developers in our approach to development, the partners we include and the roles each plays in the planning, implementation and management of our cities.