Phil Stride

Phil Stride, Head of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, has been working for Thames Water on the project for the last seven years. He is a civil engineer by trade and has a wealth of experience managing both wastewater and clean water projects.

His role with Thames Tideway Tunnel has focused on leading the widely-praised public consultation and development consent application process, the largest planning application ever submitted in the UK.

Phil has worked for Thames Water for 40 years and has held a number of senior manager positions in both engineering and operations. He is a member of the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA) industry advisory panel.

Presentation overview
Many areas of the capital’s existing infrastructure, including the sewerage system, have benefited from the tremendous foresight and technical expertise of our Victorian ancestors. London’s outdated sewerage system is struggling to cope with the demands of 21st century London, spilling tens of millions of tonnes of untreated sewage into the tidal River Thames every year. An adequate sewerage system is a basic hygiene factor that is essential for growth and prosperity in any economy. Phil will summarise the work already done to deliver the largest engineering project ever undertaken in the UK water industry, and the economic, environmental and social legacy it will deliver.