Jacqueline Fookes

Jacqueline Fookes is a senior environmental planner with Mott MacDonald Limited. She graduated at the University of East Anglia with a first class honours in Environmental Science, and an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessments, which she specialises in for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Jackie has recently produced the environmental statement and all supporting environmental and social information for the Norwich Northern Distributor Road, a 22km of new build dual carriageway through the Norwich urban fringe and rural Norfolk.  As part of this project Jackie piloted a prototype ecosystem services assessment tool, which highlighted previously un-identified environmental benefits arising from the project and associated development.

As part of a European Union funded project to explore the environmental and social impact of development on the urban fringes of Norwich, she became part of a wider study looking at the incorporation of Ecosystem Services assessment into spatial planning and development control.

As a result Jackie has promoted a commercial partnership between Mott MacDonald  and Cranfield University in order to develop a planning toolkit to facilitate the incorporation of monetary valuation of environmental assets into land use planning.

It is intended the toolkit will utilise a GIS based system coupled with the latest engineering and design technology to provide rapid visualisations to aid development decisions.

Presentation overview
Some of the ecosystem services that urban dwellers benefit from are clean air, clean water, rainwater drainage, sewage treatment, recreation, and cultural values. As the dominant species of the urban ecosystem- we have an opportunity to innovate and act to shape the urban landscape that offers such important valuable services.

This can be achieved by firstly understanding and more importantly placing a value on the nature of the services that can be lost and gained from urban development.  This presentation will explore the benefits for developers and spatial planners of the incorporation of an ecosystem services based assessment. This can provide a mechanism for the monetary valuation of environmental assets into land use planning through a GIS based system.  When this is combined with latest engineering and design technology it can also provide rapid visualisations to aid development decisions